Anchors Down, Dreams Up

Trading Possessions for Ocean Life

This is our story of trading it all in — the house, car & more — for a life on the water and the adventure of sailing.

Hi there!

We're Jeff & Claire. One of our life mottos is "do what's easy". However, one may argue that we are doing the complete opposite.

We are leaving behind the comfort of familiar routines and life on solid ground, for a more challenging, yet fulfilling way of life (for us, anyway)—a life where the sound of waves lapping against the hull becomes the soundtrack of our days, and the vast expanse of the ocean serves as our ever-changing workplace.

Why wait for retirement to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? That's our philosophy as we set sail to experience the world aboard our boat. Too often, the dream of traveling the world is relegated to the retirement bucket list—a distant goal to be pursued once the traditional nine-to-five grind is behind us. But we refuse to adhere to that script.

With the wind as our ally, and our work laptops fired up, we're gearing up to explore the US East Coast, Bahamas, and Caribbean, while also juggling our careers, and carve our path across the ocean aboard our new home—a sailboat.

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IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.

- Lewis Carroll

Our Adventures

Navigating the sailing lifestyle one adventure at a time!
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Ginormous rosemary bush

The Rosemary Rendezvous: A Tale of Electromagnetic Quirks and Abandoned Properties

In our adventure to the remote Bahamian island of Manjack Cay, we discovered an abandoned, eco-friendly retreat. This once thriving homestead, abandoned by a tech-phobic owner, now stands as a quirky testament to nature’s resilience, highlighted by a towering rosemary bush amidst the ruins. This escapade offered us laughter, a hint of mystery, and a lifetime supply of herbs, proving the most unforgettable stories often emerge from the world’s secluded nooks.

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Entrance to the Art Trail

Soggy Adventures and Soap Operas: Surviving Manjack Cay’s Art Trail

After a blissful night at Manjack Cay North 1 (a slice of paradise, only if you play your cards right), we sailed over to Manjack South 1, doing the nautical shuffle waiting for the tide to rise so we could go into Green Turtle Cay. Enter Jeff, who, in a moment of questionable judgment, passed…

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